LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Ms. Celiana Irawati, Bsc

LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Ms. Celiana Irawati, Bsc
Tell us about your school/university background and what was your motivation to join ACCA ?

*Raffles PSB Singapore School
*London School of Accountancy and Finance
*Sunway TES.

I joined ACCA after graduating from secondary school to pursue a degree and a professional qualification at the same time.

How was experience studying ACCA at LSAF ?

Very enjoyable. The lecturers were capable and had the right resources. They were able to deliver well and was very helpful in helping me understand the subject instead of just memorizing them.

Tell us about your current career and how did ACCA help you in your current role?

I am currently a Senior Associate in PwC Malaysia.
The understanding and skillset from ACCA is essential for beginning a career in audit, which will greatly challenge our understanding and ability to design and perform the audit procedures appropriately.

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