LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Ms. Alicia Ayuananda Suastika, Bsc, ACCA

LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Ms. Alicia Ayuananda Suastika, Bsc, ACCA
Tell us about your school/university background and what was your motivation to join ACCA ?

Education Background : 
* Global Sevilla International School - Pulo Mas
* Mahatma Gading International School- Kelapa Gading
* Raffles Academy

London School of Accountancy and Finance - Oxford Brookes University

I joined ACCA because of its highly flexible program and professional qualification. Thanks to being able to take high-quality classes and sit for examinations at my preferred timing, I managed to attain my Bachelors' degree within three years at the age of 19.

How was experience studying ACCA at LSAF ?

It was fun, for sure. As I was part of the first batch of students, I got to know every single one of my classmates. Because of the small number of students in one classroom, it felt comfortable enough to talk and ask questions freely. I enjoyed attending classes because everyone, including the lecturers, became my friends. Studying was enjoyable.

Tell us about your current career and how did ACCA help you in your current role?

My current career has been intriguing, to say the least. I began as a full-time lecturer before turning into a part-time one when I gained full-time employment elsewhere.

My experience studying ACCA helped me lecture students as I was familiar with the subjects and examinations. ACCA has yet to provide as much benefit at my current full-time job, though, as the organization I work for doesn't adhere to IFRS and IAS, and is not familiar with the theories and models I learned throughout my studies.

However, the years of experience I gained and knowledge obtained from ACCA helped me land my latest occupation, which is a Level 1 Senior in Operational Transactions Services under the Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) division at Ernst and Young (EY) Indonesia.

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