LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Mr. Farkhanda Rahardian, Bsc

LSAF SUCCESS STORY - Mr. Farkhanda Rahardian, Bsc
Tell us about your school/university background and what was your motivation to join ACCA ?

* IGCSE - Stamford International Commonity School Semarang
* Bachelor Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

Having to get motivated to join ACCA is because we know that the world now needs people who are more than just competent. But also people who are specialize in their background. ACCA will help me to achieve this specialisation. Besides, the people that I know who have joined ACCA are those people who are very needed and having an important role in the company. For me, successful is not about in which company we are working at, but about how much we can contribute and give value to improve the company that we are currently employed. And I can see that ACCA's knowledge is capable enough to contribute and improve the company.

How was experience studying ACCA at LSAF ?

I had an amazing experience studying ACCA at LSAF. There are so many reasons behind this statement. but i can be assure that the most important factor is that Im surrounded by great people in the class. Not only the tutor, but also the students. This allows me to improve everytime im in the class because the people that I am studying with are best quality people. Best Certification with Best People

Tell us about your current career and how did ACCA help you in your current role?

Im currently working as an auditor in Ernst & Young. I am directly seeing the firsthand impact of having to be ACCA student. ACCA helps me a lot in having to encounter issues in audit since ACCA's curriculum always prioritize the field case not only book case. This allows me to be more familiar to the issues even though I might be having less experience than the others

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