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ACCA/ BSc Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

ACCA works exclusively with Oxford Brookes University (OBU) to offer a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Accounting for students who wish to complete a degree as part of the ACCA Qualification. With an international reputation for innovation, high quality education and research, and global relationships, it is not surprising that Oxford Brookes University has been voted the best modern university in the UK for seven years in succession.


All ACCA students are opted-in automatically upon submission of their initial registration form unless they choose to be opted-out. To be awarded the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting students must:

  • Be registered with Oxford Brookes University
  • Opted-in to the BSc degree scheme before passing any of the three ACCA Fundamentals papers FR, AA and FM
  • Successfully complete the three ACCA Fundamentals papers FR, AA and FM and successfully complete all nine Fundamentals level papers (BT, MA, FA, LW, PM< TX, FR, AA, and FM)
  • Complete the ACCA Professional Ethics module
  • Complete and pass the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project


The Oxford Brookes University Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting aims to enhance and extend the knowledge and skills gained by ACCA students in their professional studies. It also aims to help students become more effective as professional accountancy students and/or practitioners.
This collaboration offers ACCA students the opportunity to:

  • Gain a prestigious award and demonstrates students’ achievement
  • Be exposed to the regiments of writing a research report, providing a foundation for thesis report writing for future academic pursuits
  • Explore further academic/professional development to the next level, i.e. Masters education


Students must submit a final Research and Analysis Project consisting of 7,500 words and a 2,000 word Skills and Learning Statement.
Submissions will be assessed by the Oxford Brookes University Business School in May and November.


ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (Module BT, MA and FA)

  • BT - Business Technology : Rp. 8,650,000
  • MA - Management Accounting : Rp. 8,650,000
  • FA - Financial Accounting : Rp. 8,650,000
  • Total Rp. 25,950,000* 

ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business (Module LW, PM, TX, FR, AA and FM)

  • LW - Corporate and Business Law : Rp. 15,900,000
  • PM - Performance Management : Rp. 15,900,000
  • TX - Singapore Taxation : Rp. 15,900,000
  • FR - Financial reporting : Rp. 16,300,000
  • AA - Audit and Assurance : Rp. 15,900,000
  • FM - Financial Management : Rp. 15,900,000
  • Total Rp. 95,800,000* 

Research and Analysis project for Oxford Brookes University (Metoring Fee)

  • Rp. 16,300,000
  • Total Rp. 16,300,000* 

*Does not include Submission fee to OBU


The certificate is awarded by Oxford Brookes University.